Two beautifully packaged oyster tea light candles. The candles are dye-free and unscented and are made from pure soy wax. 


This duo serves as the perfect gift for that special friend, or as a stunning decor piece, and even as a lovely finish to a table setting.

This gift set would also serve as the perfect wedding, bridal shower or party favour.


Made from 100% soy wax, this unscented candle has a naturally mild coconut scent but burns scent-free. 

When the candle has finished burning re-purpose the shell as a ring or jewellery holder!



The Muses



Please message us should you require scented tea light candles or candles with different colours as these can be made to order. 

Oyster Candles- Twin Pack

  • Place the candle on a trinket dish when burning to catch melted wax. 

    To extinguish the candle dip the wick (using a tweezer or similar appliance) into the melted wax, then remove and straighten and the wick for the next burn. 

    To ensure the best burn, trim the wick to 1/4 an inch before each burn. Allow the candle to melt through to all the edges of the shell on the first burn to prevent tunelling and to ensure an even burn every time.