Introducing Ariana and yes she is GRANDE! 


Our largest candle yet standing graciously tall at a whopping 20 cm! 

She is hand-poured with almost 1kg of pure soy wax - an absolute work of art. 


This statement piece adorns a coffee table set up but would fit in perfectly in any space elevating the feel and aesthetic of the room. 

Every Ariana candle is hand-poured by us and takes a full day to set. We will be taking custom orders of colouring and fragrance for this beauty. 


Pricing starts at R550 for an unfragranced candle and an extra R50 to add the fragrance of your choice. 


Please note due to the nature of natural soy wax colours may vary to pictures on socials and on the website. Frosting and natural discolouration are byproducts of using an all natural, paraffin-free wax and may occur on each candle. 

Fragrances such as Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Cinammon Doughnut may turn white candles a darker shade of beige. 


Want a custom colour? Email us and we will try our best to accomodate you! 

Ariana - Extra Large Muse 20cm

R550,00 Regular Price
R400,00Sale Price
  • Each candle is hand-poured and thus every candle will be unique and imperfectly perfect! Imperfections due to the natural nature of soy wax such as frosting, discolouration and naturally incurred imperfections will not count as faulty items. Frosting is more noticeable on darker colours.